General Admission

As observation is a key component of any Montessori classroom, so to does it apply to parents. In Montessori, we endeavour to attract families that are 100% on board with our philosophy, values and beliefs. The Montessori program is a developmental program that firmly has roots in true child development. We are looking to see that families will adopt many of our practices at home to complement what happens at school. We encourage home and school communication so that parents are familiar with what is happening at school. We have adopted an admission policy like many other Montessori programs that encompasses an observation component. It is important that parents see what a day in the life of a Montessori child might be like before they commit to our program. Parents also need to attend Montessori parent education seminars that the school provides so they are aware of how their children are learning as well as having opportunities to understand what their children are talking about when they are discussing school activities at home.

Policy Admissions

CVMS admits students of any race, colour, nationality, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities available to students. Admissions are based upon the space available, a student interview and an evaluation of the suitability of CVMS for each student. We meet with each student but do not do admissions testing.

1. Inquire/Attend Meeting

After careful review of this website, applicants register for a Parent Information Session. At this meeting, we will share information about our philosophy of education and specifics about the way in which you and your child will experience our school. We will also discuss fees and tuition. Reserve a time by calling 403-710-3885.

2. Apply
Complete an online Application Form with the $125.00 non-refundable fee through our application processing partner TUIO.  A letter will be sent by email to acknowledge the receipt of your application.

3. Student Interview and Parent Observation
A student interview is required with  parents in attendance. You will receive a phone call to set up this interview. The meeting purpose is to get to know one another on an informal basis and how our philosophy and school will  fit  your family’s needs and goals for your child’s education. Parents will then set up a time or observe in the classroom at that time for about 1/2 hour to see that this is the right setting for the family.

4. Acceptance
There are limited spaces available for students. Each application is reviewed.  Acceptance of a child is based on several factors, one of which is a successful match of the family’s and the school’s educational goals. Children with Montessori experience are given priority, as are siblings. New applicants are admitted to the remaining spaces, while attempting to maintain gender and age balance within the classrooms. An acceptance letter will be sent out. Post dated pre-authorized payments will then be set up in our online payment portal.


Extended-Day Program:
We offer this program separately to our registered students as parents ask for it during the interview process. We do understand working parents , so please let us know! 


click on the year to download and print:    2023 -2024 Calendar

School Dress Attire

Navy | Forest Green | Khaki | White

At CVMS (Cochrane Valley Montessori) we have thought about the ways in which our students can come together as a cohesive community.
The colours chosen reflect the beautiful environment around us and therefore allow us to be identified as part of the community we are a part of.
We want our students to have the opportunity to focus on who they are, what their work is all about, what is happening with them as individuals
and the learning that is the focus of the classroom. To this end, we have made the decision to adopt school dress attire that will minimize
the distractions coming into the classroom. We have often seen that this concept also minimizes the impact on economics and affordability.

This attire that we have adopted is comfortable and very casual. It is not a school uniform but a guideline and colour set that will allow for our
students to cohesively identify themselves as part of a group yet at the same time allow them to be individuals in the choices of clothing that
they will wear. No logos are necessary.

Here are some guidelines for expectations:

Tops- Plain-This can be in the form of golf shirts, polo shirts, turtle necks, dress shirts, or blouses with long or short sleeves.
All shirts with the exception of turtle necks must have collars.

Fleece Vest/Sweater – Children are allowed to have multiple layers so they can feel comfortable within the environment.
Clothing hooks are available in the classroom. Hoodies are not appropriate during class.

Tunics and Jumpers , Pants- in simple cuts with flat fronts or pleats and subtle pockets. Cargo pants are not acceptable.
Shorts, Skirts, and Skorts – bottoms hemmed within 3″ of the knee. Cargo shorts and skirts are not acceptable.

Footwear/Hosiery -Soft soled, solid black or navy shoes for indoor use with non-marking soles. Hosiery (socks, tights) must be plain.

Jewellery and Accessories – Small stud earrings, religious, or medical necklaces and bracelets are acceptable.
Fashion accessories are not permitted at school.

Simple hair ornamentation such as barrettes, elastics, and plain headbands are allowed.
Cosmetic products should not be worn.

Backpacks/ Lunch bags – Plain products, without distracting logos or images.

It is most important that we keep in mind that the images from outside the classroom, detract from the learning that should be going on
inside the classroom. For example we endeavour to teach about the meaning of a true hero ie: someone who has gone out of their way
to help or consider someone else before themselves. We have many in our society and we think of them as such. Fictional characters or flashy
 neon colours and lights detract from this learning at a very young age. Helping us work together to this end builds a strong Montessori community.

While we are NOT endorsing any one merchandiser, here is a couple of local online places to begin to see what is available for appropriate school attire.
Do not feel you have to order from these places as you are shopping for clothing for your child, this is only a place to start.

Lands End
Free Shipping with $50 worth of merchandise
Prices in US Dollars
Discounts available during July and August

The Gap Canada 
Discounts available during July and August
Free Shipping with $50 worth of merchandise

You can also find appropriate clothing at retailers such as Old Navy, the Bay, Halperns, Children’s Place and Walmart.

As most of the children’s clothing is very durable and stands the test of time, we now have a School Store that our elementary children have put together.
In our school store we have a children’s clothing swap where parents can come to the classroom to find previous year’s clothing that could be reused.
All items are machine washed at school and dried, then hung on hangers in various size groupings. Each item in the clothing swap is $2.00.
Parents can ask about it, or we have it accessible at different times of the school year when parents are in at school.